Upgraded hydro unit of the Volkhovskaya HPP has been commissioned

After successfully accomplished tests, setting in trial operation was performed, of upgraded hydro unit of the Volkhovskaya HPP.

The contract for reconstruction of hydro power equipment of the hydro unit (station No. 1) was signed by OJSC "Power Machines" and OJSC "TGK-1" in November, 2007. According to contract obligations, the "Power Machines" manufactured and supplied the turbine and the hydro generator to the station, and also accomplished a complex of building, assembly, electrical installation and starting-up and adjustment works with involvement of specialised subcontracted enterprises.

In the course of the works for reconstruction of the hydro unit, the "Power Machines" performed modernisation of governing equipment of the turbine and the system of excitation of the hydro generator.

At present, OJSC "Power Machines" and OJSC "TGK-1" consider the possibility of reconstruction of the other four hydro units of the Volkhovskaya HPP and two hydro units of Nizhne-Svirskaya HPP.

The Volkhovskaya HPP located in the Leningrad region on the river Volkhov is the first Hydro Power Plant constructed under the project of G.O. Graftio within the frameworks of the State plan of electrification of Russia (GOELRO). On the 19th of December, 1926, with the participation of the members of the government, inauguration of the Volkhovskaya HPP took place, whereupon, the first three hydro units of Swedish manufacture were commissioned. In 1927 the rest of the hydro units were commissioned. The electric power plant has been a historical monument of science and engineering of Russia.

For the Volkhovskaya HPP, the specialists of the "Electrosila" factory developed the first domestic hydro generators during the 1920s, which became the beginning of the formation of scientific and technical school of the Russian electric machine industry.