Unique Repair of Turbogenerator No. 1, Power Unit No. 1 of the Smolensk Nuclear Power Plant Performed for the First Time

On January 10, Turbogenerator No. 1 of power unit No. 1 was connected to the grid after a unique repair. As the Deputy Head Engineer of the Smolensk NPP stated, for the first time, the overhaul of the generator’s stator winding mechanism, which had only bern performed only at factory before, was carried out in situ.

A great amount of high quality work was carried out, observing all safety requirements," stated Pavel Lubensky, the Smolensk NPP director. "The Smolensk HPP personnel, and that of the contractor organizations, Atomenergoremont and Power Machines joint-stock companies, were involved in carrying out the tasks in hand to the maximum effectiveness. I express my sincere gratitude to everyone who made a contribution to our collective success."

In order to carry out a complicated and labor intensive repair on time, the Rosatom production system methodology was applied, and the manpower of work teams was increased. Work was organized on a round-the-clock basis. Corrective measures were developed rapidly if necessary, and the repair schedule was updated in view of the situational analysis. Some operations were carried out simultaneously. The work’s organization and the performance of scheduled operations were coordinated by the respective departments of the Rosenergoatom central office. Additional winders were seconded by PJSC Power Machines, as well as field supervisors, whose purpose was to accelerate the resolution of issues that arose during the repair process.

After the generator reached its rated capacity, it was subjected to technical diagnosis. In a month, it will be assessed again, the results will be compared, and recommendations on further operation of the generator will be elaborated on if needs be.

Source: Rosenergoatom concern JSC