Innovative TKZ Equipment Has Been Successfully Put into Operation

The guarantee tests and launch of a self-supported steam boiler with 100 t/h steam output have been completed at the SIBUR Kstovo site. Thanks to this equipment, the company was able to increase the potential of proprietary steam generation in the Nizhny Novgorod Region. The boiler unit was supplied by the Taganrog Boiler-Making Works "Krasny Kotelshchik" (TKZ), a member of the PJSC Power Machines.

The tests have confirmed conformity to the guaranteed values of the actual performance indicators of the boiler intended for various types of fuel. In particular, the operation boiler unit load turndown conformed to the stated value ranging from 40% to 100%.

The features of the boiler are low metal intensity, high maneuverability and environmental friendliness. It was manufactured, installed and tested within a short time: less than two years passed from the contract date to its being put into operation.

"The high quality of the "SIBUR Kstovo Site Steam Supply Revamping" project implementation allowed the TKZ to broaden its small boiler production range by a modern compact and fuel efficient boiler unit that is able to catch the interest of potential customers," Pavel Kovalenko, the TKZ Boiler Equipment Sale Manager emphasizes.