ТКZ has shipped the equipment for the Balkhash TPP

Red Boiler Maker Boiler Manufacturing Plant, Taganrog (ТКZ), which is a part of the Power Machines company, has discharged its obligations to design and deliver the steam boiler intended to upgrade the Balkhash Thermal Electric Power Plant (Republic of Kazakhstan).

As part of the project, the customer’s key requirement was successfully met: the new equipment was fitted into the existing boiler house foot print. Besides, the issue of ensuring high performance of boiler unit operation was resolved: its steam production rate comprises 270 tons/hour, while the guaranteed efficiency factor amounts to 90%. 

At the present time, the customer is in the process of carrying out construction and installation works to build the boiler foundation; upon their completion, engineers and technicians of Red Boiler Maker will provide project support, rendering erection supervision services to monitor installation and checkout of the equipment delivered, which would make it possible to commission the new boiler unit into industrial operation as soon as possible.