ТКZ has completed Its obligations to deliver equipment for the Mayak Energy Company

Taganrog Boiler Making Works Krasny Kotelshchik (TKZ), a member of Power Machines power plant concern, has completed project planning, manufacturing and delivery of two HRSGs for Mayak Energy under-construction gas-turbine power plant with installed capacity of 15 MW. The new equipment is designed to provide heat to the expanding enterprise Mayak (Penza), which specializes in paper production.

For the first time ever TKZ took part in the construction of heat recovery steam generators, producing saturated steam for the enterprise’ production needs in this line of business.

Boilers commissioning is scheduled for the 1-st half of 2017. As of today, apart from delivery of the equipment, TKZ technicians have completed erection supervision and customer’s operating personnel training. After construction of the boiler building is complete, pressure testing is due to be carried out to ensure that the boilers are leak proof, as well as the all-round trials of the boilers are to be conducted. Representatives of Krasny Kotelshchik are expected to take part in the above phases of the project implementation.