Thomas Fitting was appointed Managing Director for Gas Turbines of Power Machines

A new subdivision – “Gas Turbine Engineering” Department has been set up in the company organization. Thomas Fitting, working with Siemens earlier on, will head the new direction.

“Gas Turbine Engineering” Department, as reported earlier, is being set up to execute technological partnership with Siemens under which Siemens will go on with principally new gas turbine, steam and gas technological transfer.

Thomas Fitting was born October 28, 1957 in Hagen, Germany. In 1984 he graduated from Technical University in Rhein-Westphalian, Diploma in Power Industry Engineering, in 1990 - obtained doctor’s degree in engineering in the same field.

Working activities of Thomas Fitting started in 1984 as engineer and investigator in “EXOTECH Corp.” in Monterrey, California (USA) at the Sea School for postgraduate students. 

In 1991 Thomas Fitting started his working activities at Siemens AG and Siemens Power Generation Inc, having successfully risen from Manager of technological transfer and sales group to the Head of “Gas Turbine Engineering” Department (Orlando, USA and Mulheim, Germany).