The State intends to invest 3 billion rubles in 2019 for the development of domestic high-capacity gas turbines

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC "Power Machines", Alexey Mordashov, took part in the meeting of the Commission on the Strategy for the Development of Fuel and Energy Complex and Environmental Safety, which was chaired by the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin in Kemerovo on August 27.

In particular, Mordashov spoke on the development and production by the "Power Machines" company of a line of domestic gas turbine units (GTU) with a capacity of 65MW and 170MW, as well as the construction of a power plant where references for these turbines could be obtained.

President Putin supported the proposals and ordered the allocation of 3 billion rubles for these developments in the form of state co-funding in 2019.

PJSC "Power Machines" fully supports the need and importance of the federal program for the renewal of Russian generating capacities of TPPs. At the same time, according to company assessments, the implementation of modernization projects by updating and improving the equipment in the steam power cycle for the increase in efficiency can be supplemented with an alternative to upgrading under the scheme of build-up to combined cycle plants with gas turbines or replacing the construction of combined cycle plants for both generating companies and consumers.

Within the co-operation with enterprises of the Russian military-industrial and civil complex, the base of research, development and production capacities of PJSC "Power Machines" allows implementing a project for the construction of domestic high-capacity GTUs.