The second unit of Ryazanskaya TPP with equipment from Power Machines is put into operation

In «OGK 2» PJSC subsidiary, Unit 2 has been connected to the power grid after comprehensive testing. Overhaul of the facility was carried out as part of the company's investment program within the framework of the Capacity Supply Agreement (CSA). From January 1, 2016, the facility will start supplying power to the electric power wholesale market.

The project included replacement of the facility's main equipment, installation of a new steam turbine, turbogenerator and auxuliary equipment, and boiler’s overhaul. After the overhaul, the installed capacity of Unit 2 grew by 60 MW, from 270 to 330 MW, with the efficiency increase from 32 % to 37%, and standard fuel consumption reduction from 389 to 328 g/kWh.

The Contract for the overhaul of a unit of one of Europe' s largest TPPs (Ryazanskaya TPP installed capacity is 3,070 MW), including complete replacement of the steam turbine and generator, was signed with «OGK 2». Under the Contract, Power Machines manufactured and delivered to the plant a 330 MW steam turbine, a 350 MW hydrogen- and water-cooling turbogenerator, and auxiliary equipment. Besides, Power Machines was responsible for the installation supervision and commissioning and start-up works for the delivered equipment.

Upon commissioning of Unit 2, Ryazanskaya TPP has the total of seven power units, with the capacity of two of them being 800 MW. All the main equipment of the power plant was produced by the Power Machines enterprises.