The second power generating unit of the Kudankulam NPP has come on line and is now connected to India’s power grid

On August 29-th 2016, Power Generating Unit No. 2 of the Kudankulam NPP was connected to India’s power grid. Part of the unit is the 1000 MW high speed steam turbine, turbine generator of the same capacity, as well as auxiliary equipment manufactured by the energy machine building company Power Machines.

Following the hookup with the grid, the second unit will embark on the stage of being tested for dynamic sustainability with subsequent ramp-up to 100 percent load. Upon completion of the above, 72 hour long tests at nominal capacity are to be performed based on the results of which the parties are expected to sign a certificate on provisional acceptance of the power generating unit by the customer.

Power Machines have delivered, to the Kudankulam power plant in India now under construction, two complete high speed steam turbines with capacity of 1000 MW each, two turbine generators of similar capacity as well as auxiliary equipment.

Background Information

The Kudankulam NPP is being constructed with the technical assistance of ASE Group of Companies. Commissioning of the first power generating unit of the Indian NPP into warranty operation took place in December 2014.

The turbines of Power Machines with capacity of 1000 MW, are installed and have been successfully operating in Russia (third and fourth power generating units of the Kalinin NPP), in Ukraine (two power generating units of the Rivne NPP, two units of the Khmelnitskiy NPP, one unit of the South Ukrainian NPP), as well as in China (two units of the Tianwan NPP).

The enterprises of the foremost Russian energy machine building company, for more than 40 years, have been designing and producing high technology equipment for nuclear power plants. Currently, Power Machines is the only Russian company which supplies basic thermal mechanical equipment of the turbine island for nuclear power stations.

27 nuclear power stations all over the world are fitted out with the equipment made by the company.