Power unit 3, with main power equipment manufactured by Power Machines, has been put into operation at the Rostovskaya NPP

Rosatom’s Director of Capital Investments Gennady Sakharov signed a permit for putting Rostovskaya NPP power unit 3 into operation. The Rostovskaya NPP accounts for about 15 % of the annual power generation in Southern Russia. The main power equipment for the unit was designed, manufactured, and delivered by Power Machines.

While commenting on this remarkable event, the Rostovskaya NPP’s Director Andrey Salnikov noted that it has become the result of colossal work by construction personnel, designers, commissioning organizations, and the operating services of the nuclear power plant.

Power Machines received a letter of gratitude from the power plant Director, for the significant contribution of Power Machines’ specialists in the construction and startup of the power unit.

According to the agreement, Power Machines manufactured and delivered to the plant a high capacity (1,100 MW) TVV-1000-4UZ turbogenerator complete with an excitation system, an exciter, and auxiliary systems, as well as two K-12-1.0PA1 drive turbines for reactor feed pumps of reactor steam generators, manufactured by the Kaluga Turbine Works, part of our power engineering company.

Power Machines also have more work to do at the Rostovskaya NPP. For Unit 4 under construction, Power Machines manufactured a set of equipment identical to that for Unit 3 (a TVV-1000-4UZ (1,100 MW) turbogenerator and two K-12-1.0PA1 drive steam turbines) at the end of 2013. The turbines have already been shipped to the construction site by now. The turbogenerator will be shipped at the end of 2015.

The Rostovskaya NPP is part of the Rosenergoatom Group. The plant is located on the shore of the Tsimlyanskoye lake, 13.5 km from Volgodonsk. The NPP has VVER-1000 reactors with an installed power capacity of 1,000 MW. Unit 1 was put into operation in 2001, and Unit 2 in December 2010. The physical startup of Unit 3 was completed in November 2014, power startup in December 2014. Unit 4 construction is underway.