The Power Machines will hold the All-Russian Technical Championship for university students

The Power Machines declare the launch of a large-scale educational project for students - the Technical Championship "The Power of the Future". Students from any technical courses of higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation can take part in it.

– The Power Machines are interested in young, ambitious, active specialists, who are ready for self-enhancement, to be engaged in science and research, to invent and offer fundamentally new technical solutions, - comments Alexander Ivanovsky, General Designer of the Power Machines PJSC. - The knowledge received by students at the university is an excellent fundamental basis, but to become a real practice engineer, it is necessary to maintain close contacts with industry. For us, collaboration with institutes and working with students and graduates is a huge help in developing our own scientific potential and introducing innovation in the development of our products.

Under the terms of the Championship, teams will be asked to solve one of the technical cases prepared by experts of the design bureaus of the Power Machines in a number of areas: steam turbines, hydroturbines, boiler equipment, electric plants, electric drive and complete devices.

The task of the teams is to understand the problem, set a task to solve it, work out possible solutions and submit them to a technical commission consisting of representatives of the engineering divisions of the Power Machines. The work will be evaluated according to the criteria of manufacturability, the level of design development, the originality of the solution, the depth of the task and the quality of the presentation.

The final of the Technical Championship "The Power of the Future" will be held in October 2018.