The Power Machines Ensured Chilean La Mina HPP Reaching Design Capacity

The second hydraulic power unit of the La Mina HPP (Chile), the equipment for which was manufactured and delivered by Power Machines, was put into operation.

The contract for the design, manufacture and delivery and equipment for the 34 MW La Mina HPP was reached by Power Machines and Colbun company (Chile) in December, 2014. The contract was preceded by a tender won by the Russian power engineering company Power Machines that proposed the best engineering and economic solution enabling the power plant to operate at increased capacity amounting to 40 MW.

Under the turnkey contract terms, Power Machines has designed, manufactured and installed two hydraulic power unit equipment sets each having 17 MW rated capacity.

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The participation of Power Machines in the La Mina HPP construction projects is continuing the successful cooperation of the Russian company and the Chilean power engineers.

The Chilean Quilleco HPP, the equipment for which was delivered by Power Machines, has been operating since 2007. The La Higuera HPP, operating two 77.5 MW hydraulic generators complete with field systems manufactured by Power Machines, was put into operation in 2010.