The Power Machines are preparing for the FIFA World Cup

In preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the Power Machines are carrying out a complex of renovation operations on the facades of industrial buildings in Saint Petersburg.

Today the Company has finished the renovation of the facade of the laboratory building of the Elektrosila plant on Moskovsky Avenue. Taking into account the uniqueness of the architectural structure, all works are executed in accordance with the requirements of the State Administrative and Technical Inspection and the building's passport.

In the Kalininsky District, the Power Machines are carrying out operations on the major repairs of the facade of the hydroturbine complex of the Leningrad Metal Plant (LMZ), which opens onto the Sverdlovskaya embankment. When performing the renovation operations, the Company is one of the first among the industrial enterprises of the city to implement the technology of using a ventilated facade filling with metal cassettes. Among the advantages of this method, the increased fire safety, resistance to aggressive weather effects and a long service life can be outlined.

In addition to the renovation of the buildings’ facades, the Power Machines upgraded the lighting system of its signboard of the engineering building of the LMZ. In the course of the operations, the LED clusters were replaced, which allowed to increase significantly the quality of lighting, while reducing both operational costs, as well as expenditures and consumed electricity.