The new power generating unit of the Beloyarsk NPP, equipped with a turbine unit made by Power Machines has reached 100 percent capacity

Power Generating Unit No. 4 of the Beloyarsk NPP (part of the Electric Power Division of Rosatom – Rosenergoatom Concern) has been undergoing all-round testing of its equipment and systems at 100 percent capacity level at the phase of pilot production operation which precedes the commissioning of the unit into industrial operation.

The coming on line of Power Generating Unit No. 4 to operate as part of the power grid took place on December 10-th, 2015. January 29-th, 2016 the program of work aimed at power startup with the power generating unit achieving 50% capacity is completed. At the next stage, in keeping with the program of pilot production operation, work was carried out aimed at stepping up capacity of the reactor unit, testing the equipment and the systems of the power generating unit as a whole. The commissioning of the unit into industrial operation is scheduled for next autumn.

The contract for supply of a set of basic equipment of the power house for the power generating unit under construction at the Beloyarsk NPP with BN-800 reactor unit was signed between Power Machines and ZIOMAR Engineering Company (part of the machine building division of Rosatom State Corporation – Atomenergomash) in 2007. In accordance with the contractual obligations, Power Machines ensured manufacture and delivery of the new 885 MW capacity turbine and auxiliary equipment, as well as 890 MW capacity turbine generator. In addition, technicians of Power Machines provided installation supervision of the equipment and oversight of startup and adjustment operations.

The fourth power generating unit of the Beloyarsk NPP with the fast neutron reactor is a cutting edge project of Russia’s nuclear power sector. It is based on the mono-block design involving use of a power turbine coupled with a hydrogen-free turbine generator, featuring a high coefficient of efficiency, heat power margin, as well as much higher safety level.