The last hydropower unit, manufactured by Power Machines, launched at Boguchanskaya HPP

The last hydropower unit, unit number 9 with a capacity of 333 MW, has been launched at Boguchanskaya HPP. Main hydraulic equipment was manufactured for the plant by Power Machines.

In performing the contracts executed between Power Machines and plant construction partners – RusHydro and Rusal – in 2006 and 2007, Power Machines designed and manufactured nine hydroturbines and nine hydrogenerators for Boguchanskaya HPP. Each hydropower unit has a rated capacity of 333 MW. All equipment was installed and commissioned with the participation of Power Machines' engineers within the contract time limits.

Boguchanskaya HPP is one of the five largest hydro power plants in Russia. It has unique hydraulic equipment in terms of its weights and dimensions. Its hydroturbine e.g. weighs over 1000 tonnes, and a runner is 7.5 meters in diameter.

With the unique dimensions, runners were delivered from Power Machines’ manufacturing site in Saint Petersburg to Boguchanskaya HPP using the only possible means – by sea and river during a navigation season. The length of the route is about 6500 km. The first shipment of runners was sent to the HPP in 2008, the last one in 2010.