The Kaluga Turbine Works has proceeded to manufacture of the equipment for the Bashkir Paraffinic Lube Refinery under construction

At the Kaluga Turbine Works (KTZ), being part of the Power Machines OJSC, the manufacture of the block turbogenerator has started which will serve for electric-power generation at the new oil extraction plant being built in Bashkortostan. The project is implemented by the agro-industrial holding Sigma, the largest complex in the republic whose main activity is production and sale of vegetable oils.

– This is already the second project of cooperation of our enterprise with agricultural holding Sigma – says Alexey Ryabinin, KTZ General Director. – Last year the turbogenerator was put into operation at the oil extraction plant Chimshinskoye of the Sigma Companies Group.

The sunflower seed husks remaining in the process of oil production are burnt up in boilers under recycling, and the turbogenerator transforms the received steam in electric energy. Due to almost zero cost of the fuel factor the process becomes very beneficial.

Also according to the terms of the contract concluded in February, 2016, the Kaluga Turbine Works will provide technical guidance, installation, start-up and commissioning of the equipment. The turbogenerator supply to the customer will take place in March, 2017.