The innovative equipment manufactured by the joint venture Power Machines Toshiba High-Voltage Transformers was put in operation at Volga Hydroelectric Power Plant

Volga Hydroelectric Power Plant RusHydro became the first in Russia to put into operation a phase-shifting transformer (PST). The unique innovative equipment manufactured by the joint venture Power Machines Toshiba High-Voltage Transformers is intended to deliver  the power produced by Volga HPP to the global electric power grid.

“This is an innovative product produced by our joint venture within the strategic cooperation with RusHydro,” - comments General Director of Power Machines Timur Lipatov. “The project implementation was preceded by a substantial amount of research and development work. The use of phase shifting transformers allows not only to increase energy efficiency and reduce the costs of generating companies, but also to increase the share of domestic equipment for purposes of solving relevant import substitution problems.”

Putting the phase shifting transformer into a trial operation allows for the reduction of costs of connecting the increased power supply of the Volga Hydroelectric Power Plant to the electric power system by more than 6 times. The economic effect of this technical solution exceeds 3 billion rubles.

The use of phase shifting transformers contributes to more favorable load power lines in comparison with the natural distribution of power flows. It avoids the low-powered lines overloading, limiting the transmission capacity of high-power lines, excessive electric energy losses and other negative effects. The result is a general increase in energy efficiency and cost saving of energy companies, since the latter no longer need to build new power transmission lines.

For reference only:

Phase shifting transformers are used in the UK, France, the Netherlands, USA and Canada. For the first time in the CIS, they were used in Kazakhstan. In Russia, such equipment has not yet been used.

The phase shifting transformer production was a project implemented within the agreement concluded in June 2016 between RusHydro and Power Machines. This cooperation is aimed at expanding and strengthening a strategic partnership. The companies study the possibility of concluding long-term delivery contracts,  introduce new technological designs, invest in R&D and intend to jointly participate in foreign projects in manufacturing and supply of electrical equipment.