The government commission for import substitution held a meeting at Power Machines

On April 12, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev held a meeting of the government commission for import substitution at the Leningrad Metal Plant (part of "Power Machines" PJSC).

Dmitry Medvedev began his visit with a tour of the LMP steam turbine plant, where he learned more about the process of manufacturing equipment for thermal and nuclear power plants. General Director of “Power Machines” Yuri Petrenya, who accompanied the head of government, emphasized that the technological level of the company meets the highest global standards, and the quality of steel and procurement of Russian suppliers is constantly increasing, thus contributing to solving the problem of import substitution.

When opening the meeting, Dmitry Medvedev commended the technological level of production: «Power Machines is an example of how the production of Russian equipment can be strategized and marketed»

The government commission’s meeting agenda included issues connected with the implementation of import substitution projects in the automotive industry, agricultural machinery, machine building for food and processing industries, manufacturing of roadbuilding equipment, communal and ground-based airfield equipment.

 During the course of his speech at the event, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC «Power Machines» Aleksey Mordashov noted that: Despite the fact that “Power Machines” are ready to meet the most demanding requirements of customers, the company needs state support in two areas - preferential treatment when supplying the domestic market, as well as financing of NIOKR.

«In the current situation, when our opportunities for equal competition are artificially hindered, we have to raise the question of state support for the company,» said Aleksey Mordashov. «It has to be known that policies of domestic support to manufacturers of power generating equipment is a worldwide practice, that governments allocate hundreds of millions of dollars for these purposes in the US and Germany».