The Engineering Leadership Program was launched at Power Machines

The Engineering Leadership Program was launched at Power Machines to identify promising employees with high potential for the position of leading engineers and chief designers of projects. This is one of the planned activities of the long-term development and training strategy implemented by the company.

The program is designed for one and a half years, during which the specialists of engineering and design staff will be trained in various, structural divisions of the company. In the process of training, participants will increase the level of technical and managerial competencies, develop skills of personal effectiveness by solving cross-functional tasks. Lastly, they will implement their own project for the development and modernization of the product. Employees who successfully pass the program will be considered as leading engineers and in the personnel reserve for managerial positions in the design bureau.

- Improvement of products, the use of modern design tools and control processes of design are special requirements to the design structure. For the design school of Power Machines, it is important to maintain the continuity in the transfer of experience and knowledge from the older generation of designers to the young. This demands an understanding of the needs and trends of the market. "The engineering leadership program is a serious challenge for young professionals and an excellent opportunity to expand professional competencies while gaining managerial experience necessary for further career growth" - says Alexander Ivanovski, General Designer of Power Machines.