The Andrei Tarkovsky Exhibition, Opened at the Russian Museum with the Support of the Severgroup Companies

September 20, 2017, Saint Petersburg  – an exhibition entitled - "Andrei Tarkovsky. Artist of Space", was opened at the State Russian Museum in the Stroganov Palace, with the support of Severstal, Power Machines, Nordgold and TUI Russia. It is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the birth of the world renowned film director.

The exhibition presents documentary materials collected together for the first time: photographs, scenarios, letters, drawings and paintings, sketches for costumes and scenery designs, posters and documentary films.

Andrei Arsenyevich Tarkovsky (1932-1986) was a renowned master of cinematic art, who became famous both in the USSR and abroad during his lifetime. He is rightfully considered to be the creator of a new artistic language in cinema, an artist who gave new aesthetics and philosophy to the world of film, and to a large extent determined and influenced the whole subsequent history of cinema.

A multitude of various events dedicated to Andrei Tarkovsky and his creative work, and to the representation and exhibition of his art, have been organized over the last 25 years. Many people in the art world, such as film directors, artists, photographers, have created and continue to create, projects that develop his principles and methods, using his wonderful symbolic and descriptive framework of artistic vision – an "inward outlook on reality". Thus, the unique space embodied by the master of the new aesthetic, is filled and expanded upon. All this amounts to the phenomenon of Andrei Tarkovsky today.

A diverse array of archive materials, including the creative works of various authors – colleagues and associates, artists and photographers who worked and were friends with the masters within Tarovsky’s professional circle, have been put together. The core of the exhibition is a photo chronicle of Tarkovsky's film sets, which shows the process of the birth of his films, as well as a special and unique atmosphere created by the master around himself. The central part of the exhibition is occupied by Andrei Tarkovsky's paintings, starting from his childhood works, right through to his final pieces.