TASS - Power Machines hope to put on the market the first domestic turbine at 170 MW until 2024

TASS, October 3

Power Machines, which is developing its own technology for the production of medium-capacity gas turbines, expects to release the first 170-megawatt turbine to the market not later than the end of 2023. This was announced by the General Director of Power Machines Timur Lipatov in his speech at the Russian Energy Week. 

"About 75% of design documentation and about 40% of technological documentation have been completed for GTE-170. Our plan is to put the first GTE-170 on the market not later than the end of 2023", he said.

He noted that to date, Power Machines have created a design bureau, are engaged in the modernization of production. For the production of domestic gas turbines, 48 units of the machine park will be required, of which 11 are contracted. The remaining equipment will be contracted until the end of the year.

Lipatov noted that at the moment several billion rubles have been spent on the project of development and creation of Russian gas turbines. Part of the costs will be financed from the budget in the amount of 7.5 billion rubles, Power Machines also planned to invest a comparable amount. Herewith Lipatov noted that the company didn't receive any tranche of the promised subsidy from the budget.

“Of course, we get full countenance from various ministries, but in reality we have not received anything. We have not received subsidy for a year. There are some delays, I would say for a number of internal reasons", said the head of Power Machines.

He also drew attention to the fact that it is still not decided at which stations the turbines will be tested.

At the same time, according to Lipatov, the market of gas turbines has a great export potential. In particular, turbines produced by Power Machines in the future could also be in demand in foreign countries, including Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Currently, the only enterprise in Russia to produce medium-capacity gas turbines is Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies (SGTT), owned by Siemens and Power Machines. Power Machines stated that soon they are ready to develop and market domestic GTE-65 and GTE-170 machines with a capacity of 65 MW and 170 MW, respectively, and in the long term - of greater power.