Severstal and Power Machines to Take Part in the «Russia's Imperial Gardens» International Festival in Saint Petersburg

The «Russia's Imperial Gardens» festival takes place during the period of white nights in early June and lasts for ten days. The site of the festival is the Mikhailovsky Garden, an outstanding example of garden and park art located in the historical center of Saint Petersburg, and being a part of the unique architectural and artistic complex of the State Russian Museum.

The centerpiece of the festival is the landscape exhibition-competition. The competitors create landscape designs to set themes. This year, Russian Avant-garde became such a theme.

Severstal and Power Machines are taking part in the competition program, and will present a composition named «Succession Pyramid», whereby landscape designers have materialized their ideas for subsequent change of plant communities successively emerging on one and the same territory as a result of impact and external factors in the form of avant-garde art.

The visualization was based on the triangular logotypes of Severstal and the Leningrad Metal Plant (the oldest enterprise member of Power Machines). The combination of plant materials with metal is an allegory of synthesis of technology and nature, industry and living matter. The composition is centered around a tree that will be planted in the Mikhailovsky Garden by the Severstal and Power Machines executives after the end of the festival.

The festival will last until June 18, 2017.

For reference:

The international festival of garden and park art "Russia's Imperial Gardens" is an outstanding annual cultural event held by the Russian Museum and on its territory, in the Mikhailovsky Garden. The festival "Russia's Imperial Gardens" was initiated by Vladimir Alexandrovich Gusev, the Director of the Russian Museum, who also authored its idea.

The first international festival "Russia's Imperial Gardens" was held from May 30 to June 3, 2008 in the Mikhailovsky Garden; it was associated with the celebration of the 110th anniversary of the Russian Museum. The Russian Museum was the principal organizer of the festival; it was supported by His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent Charity Foundation and the Union of Gardeners of Russia. Ever since, the festival "Russia's Imperial Gardens" has become an annual gala for Saint Petersburg citizens and guests, as well as one of the landmark events of the city's cultural life.

In 2013, the festival "Russia's Imperial Gardens" was awarded the Highest Russian Award in the sphere of landscape architecture: The Russian National Landscape Architecture Award in the category "EVENT OF THE YEAR".

In 2014, the festival "Russia's Imperial Gardens" gained the lead in the finals of Russian Event Awards, a national event tourism award in the category "The Best Cultural Project".

Power Machines and the Russian Museum started their joint activities in 2016; they are implemented within the framework of the long-continued cooperation of the museum with the Severstal company.

Since 2004, Severstal has sponsored the holding of the exhibitions "Marc Chagall", "Mikhail Vrubel", "Peasant's World in Russian Art", "Way to Victory", "Hymn to Labor", "Russian Advertising Posters", "Saints of the Russian Land", "Come on, Heavy Industry!", "From Moscow to the Farthest Corner", "Trace of a Meteor", etc. at the Russian Museum.

In 2016, Power Machines sponsored the following projects:

·         an exhibition of outstanding sculptor Paolo Trubetskoy commemorating his 150th birthday;

·         photo exhibition "Venetian Carnival";

·         children's educational and exhibition project "How Beautiful is this World";

·         "Tree of Life" event in the Mikhailovsky Garden.