Severstal and Power Machines support the North-West Mass Media Forum held in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, October 26, 2016 - Severstal and Power Machines are the title partners of the XIV North-West Mass Media Forum held on October 25 to 26 in St. Petersburg.

The North-West Mass Media Association (ASMI) traditionally hosted the event. More than 100 mass media organizations from 11 Russian constituent entities participated in the forum events.

The issues of developing public communications policies in the regions were raised within the business part of the forum. Within the discussion board, the participants discussed the ways to overcome the information boundaries, inter-regional and near-border communications, and the mass media role in their development.

Further, a programme to improve investment, cultural and tourist appeal of the Vologda Region was presented at the Forum. One of the topics was the Metallurgy Industry Museum, Severastal's unique information project. The exhibition has features of both classical museum and modern technologies (interactive exhibit) and demonstrates the evolution of the metallurgy industry and the largest asset of the company, Cherepovets Steel Mill (Severstal PJSC).

Besides, a high-profile awards ceremony was held for the winners of the vocational competition of the North-West journalists SeZam 2016. Bonus prizes from Severstal and Power Machines for high professionalism in covering the industry in the mass media were given to Vera Kucherenko, a journalist from the Kanal-12 television broadcasting station (Cherepovets), and Inessa Yushkovskaya, a reporter of the public relations service of the Sankt-Peterburgskiye Vedomosti newspaper.

"It would be impossible for us to implement our transparency policy with no assistance from the mass media", Vadim Germanov, General Director of the Severstal Russian Steel Division, says. "It is the high professionalism and expertise of journalists that allows an efficient dialog between the industry, the authorities and the public."

"Developing the industry is a very topical issue in Russia", Roman Filippov, Power Machines' General Director, states. "This is why the publicity of this task is very important, much-needed by the society, and valuable in enhancing the prestige of those who work for the good of the national maching-building industry and improving Russian production capabilities."