Severstal and Power Machines joint efforts to increase the equipment energy efficiency

OAO Severstal and Power Machines OJSC have joint efforts to renovate the power generating equipment in order to increase its electric and thermal power output. The companies specialists have become partners in the implementation of projects to increase the electric capacity output of existing generating equipment of the Cherepovets Steel Mill (forming part of the Severstal Russian Steel division). The growth of the Cherepovets Steel Mill's own electrical power generation output of will amount to around 5%.

The parties have already talked over promising areas to achieve the project objectives and technical proposals to renovate the Cherepovets Steel Mill turbines and generators equipment.

The companies are also going to jointly work out activities aimed at the development of a new overhaul strategy with optimal time between overhauls. At present the Severstal and Power Machines companies are negotiating over the conditions of long-term servicing contracts including the supply of spare parts, maintenance of power generation components and assemblies, as well as procedure consulting services.

“Due to the implementation of a number of activities our company has already achieved significant results in reducing energy consumption and generating our own electric power", said Sergey Toropov, Director General of the Severstal Russian Steel division. “By team work with Power Machines we are going to strengthen positions in the company's energy efficiency, in particular to increase the output of own electric power by the Cherepovets Steel Mill by 5% comparing to the actual output in 2013 - 3511.826 million kWh, as well as reduce the cost of electric power by 320 million rubles per year.

As points out Igor Makarov, Servicing Director of Power Machines OJSC, the both companies have already outlined paths of the cooperation development in the area of providing procedure consulting services, spare parts supply and renovation of power generating equipment of the Cherepovets Steel Mill. “I'm sure that advanced process solutions offered by Power Machines will enable to improve the reliability, safety and cost-efficiency performance of the equipment in operation”, he said.