Severgroup companies supported the idea of the «Summer Garden 315» festival

PJSC «Seversteel» and PJSC «Power machines» (being part of Severgroup) supported the opening of the «Summer Garden 315» festival which was held 14-16 July in Saint-Petersburg. The festival is associated with a jubilee of the oldest garden of Saint-Petersburg.

The Summer Garden founded by Petr I in 1704 was a favorite place for walks of noble families, Imperator and relatives, and famous members of cultural and creative communities of that time. The garden andSaint-Petersburg survived the revolution and the siege. After World War II, it was restored and became again an important landmark of the city.

To commemorate the garden's anniversary it was decorated with floral and landscape arrangements. Guests of the festival saw wonderful things from Petr's time: uniquely trimmed plants enriched the view of the yard before the Coffee house, orange-colored trees gladdened the eye at the main avenue, several famous statues amongst the fountains were dressed with floral arrangements enjoyable to visitors.

The literature part of the festival program was illustrated by a project that wasimplemented jointly with CCPL after V. V. Mayakovsky. It was arranged with a collection of masterpieces by classic Russian writers being performed by artists from Petersburg's theatres, meritorious Russian artists, and with the participation of modern authors.

During the festival, the floor was taken by music and theatre ensembles famous in Petersburg, and by many other participants. Guests of the garden delighted their ears with Russian and West-European musical masterpieces performed by members of the project «Classic Music in the Russian Museum», and each evening the Summer Garden sounded with jazz music performed by famous ensembles.