Severgroup Companies Support The Russian Museum’s Educational Seminar in Cherepovetsv

Specialists from the Russian Centre of the Museum Pedagogy and Children’s Creativity of the State Russian Museum held a seminar in Cherepovets, supported by Severstal and Power Machines, who are members of Severgroup. The events took place on the 28th and the 29th of November at the Art Museum of the Cherepovets Museum Association.  

The program of events included lectures and reports, presentations and master classes, as well as the opening of an exhibition of children's creativity "Beauty of the Earth through the Eyes of Children" from the collection of the Russian Museum. The specialists at the Center shared their experience of creating a scientifically based system of interaction between the spheres of culture and education, building a continuous educational process from the daycare center to the university. The "Hello, Museum!" museum pedagogical program developed by the Russian Museum was the first of its kind in Russia, and now it is being implemented successfully in 54 regions across the country.

Speaking at the opening of the seminar, Svetlana Sultanova, the director of the Cherepovets Museum Association, pointed out the importance of the event: "Today we have a unique opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the best Russian practices of museum pedagogy. This event is of great significance for our city's museums."

Boris Stolyarov, the Centre’s chief, stressed the point that a new cultural and educational environment is developing today, where a museum performs a vital function of preservation and development of cultural heritage.

Maria Litivinova, the leader of the children's creativity sector, presented the Living Planet project within the framework of the Year of the Environment in Russia. This included an exhibition entitled "Beauty of the Earth through the Eyes of Children", which exhibited art works created by children from various countries around the world, from 1960 to the present day.

For many years, specialists from the Russian Centre of the Museum Pedagogy and Children’s Creativity have been helping museums in Russia's regions to join in the educational process: they hold research and practical conferences, seminars, and share their experiences of successful projects. Through the offices of the Centre, resource centres have been opened in 11 Russian regions already. Before the seminar, Boris Stolyarov and the Mayor of Cherepovets, Elena Avdeyeva, discussed the possibility of establishing such a centre, using the resources of the Cherepovets Museum Association. Its main goal is to create new forms and methods of pedagogic activities in museums, to train specialists, and to implement projects in the sphere of artistic education of children.

In Boris Stolyarov's opinion, Cherepovets has high potential in this area. "You have got such a wonderful collection of ancient Russian art. There are the Ferapontovo and Kirillo-Belozersky Monasteries nearby, and beautiful museums in Vologda and Cherepovets. This situation must be taken advantage of to the maximum.”