Salary for boiler-builders has been increased

Taganrog Boiler-Building Plant Krasny Kotelshchik (TBBP) included into PJSC Power Machines  has increased salary for its employees. The income of boiler-builders has been increased by 4%. The salaries of employees have been revised since April 1, 2017.

A traditional revision of salaries takes place at the enterprise every year. The average salary of employees of Krasny Kotelshchik today is more than 40 thous. rubles. The minimum salary at TKZ amounts to 12, 500 rubles with the subsistence level for working-age population of Rostov region equal to 10, 022 rubles.

“Building of just and transparent work remuneration system is a key task of the factory management. Apart from indexation an annual bonus amounting to 5% of salary during this period has been introduced at the plant since April 1. The remuneration depends on fulfilling individual goals by an employee and corporate indicators. The discipline of supplies, a share of produce shipped in time and in full volume, will be the key and the only corporate indicator for all boiler-builders in 2017”, comments Elena Solovieva, Director for Personnel and Social Issues at Krasny Kotelshchik.

Different programs aimed at labour stimulation, professional growth of employees, as well as increase of personal motivation are being implemented at the factory. In particular, equalization of salaries of the main production and auxiliary workers has been carried out in terms of occupations and shops. As a result, the salaries of 41% of employees have been increased on average by 1, 967 rubles. The production emulation has been introduced, a process of assigning skill level to linear managers has begun. The foremen of production sites are being evaluated with respect to several criteria. Proceeding from assessment results, an additional payment will be established for linear managers depending on the skill level and the existing salary. 77 employees passed the skill level assessment in March 2017.