RusHydro and Power Machines have renovated hydropower unit No. 7 of the Zhiguli HPP

PJSC RusHydro has commissioned the renovated hydropower unit No.7 at the Zhiguli HPP, with a new hydroturbine produced by the Power Machines company. The new turbine has the improved construction and is distinguished by high degree of environmental safety. Replacement will allow increasing hydropower unit capacity from 115 MW to 125.5 MW. Works have been carried out within the program of RusHydro integrated renovation.

Impeller of the new five-blade turbine is designed for higher water discharge that provides capacity increase. It will allow reducing sterile spills through the spillway dike during flood and providing additional electrical generation. A number of the hydrogenerator assemblies have been replaced at the power unit, modern systems of control, vibrating control and diagnostics have been assembled.