RusHydro and Power Machines have modernized hydropower unit No.13 at Zhigulyovskaya HPP

As part of the Comprehensive Modernization Program (CMP), RusHydro has completed modernization of hydropower unit No. 13 at Zhigulyovskaya HPP, which is the plant’s sixteenth hydropower unit to be modernized.

In the course of works, which took 10 months, the hydropower unit’s turbine was replaced with a new one which features improved design and performance and high environmental safety. The impeller has five blades (previously, it had six blades) and is designed for higher water flow, ensuring an increase in the hydropower unit’s capacity from 115 MW to 125.5 MW.

As a result of the modernization operations, aside from the turbine, the upgraded hydropower unit received an advanced control system, which was installed by Power Machines’ experts.