Red Boiler Maker (ТКZ) has shipped the equipment for the Sakhalin State District Electric Power Plant-2

Taganrog Red Boiler Maker Boiler Manufacturing Plant, which is part of the Power Machines Company, has shipped its own-produced boiler equipment for the first phase of the Sakhalin State District Electric Power Plant-2.

The steam boilers, manufactured by ТКZ, with a steam production rate of 230 tons/hour, designed to be installed at the Sakhalin State District Electric Power Plant-2, are engineered and manufactured with regard given to the specifics of the location where the boilers are to be operated: they are capable of withstanding extreme loads, such as seismic fluctuations with an intensity of up to nine points. Also the boiler units are designed for combustion of three grades of solid fuel: hard coal and brown coal from the Solntsevo Coal Field as well as brown coal from the Gornozavodsk Coal Field. 

Apart from equipment delivery, TZK obligations include installation supervision, checkout, testing, all-round trials and commissioning of the products, manufactured by the plant. For example, boiler cradle No.1 has been currently installed at the power plant, installation of its heating surfaces is underway at a fast pace. Concurrently, second boiler unit cradle is being mounted. The progress of installation works is in accordance with an approved schedule.