"Power Machines" obtained new contract in Brazil

"Power Machines" and the engineering company "Energ Power"(Brazil) – a strategic partner of the "Power Machines" on the Latin America’s power market – have signed a contract of equipment supply for hydroelectric power plant Sao Joao currently under construction in Brazil.

The customer of this project is the state power company "Electrosul" of Brazil. The contract price exceeds 7 million Euros.

Under the terms of the contract, the "Power Machines" will supply two hydrogenerators with capacity of 41 MW each for construction of two power units of Sao Joao HPP. Start-up of these power units is scheduled for the beginning of 2010.

Earlier, in 2002-2004, the "Power Machines" and the "Energ Power" implemented the equipment project for a new power unit with output of 13.56 MW at Porto Goes HPP, located close to the industrial and business centre of Brazil – the city of Sao Paulo.

Also in cooperation with the "Energ Power", the construction project of the largest hydroelectric power plant in Mexico, El Cajon, has been performed (two power units capacity of 375 MW each); the construction projects of the Quilleco HPP (two power units capacity of 36.5 MW each) and of the La Igueira HPP (two power units capacity of 77.5 MW each) in Chile are close to their termination.

Sao Joao HPP is located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul on the river Ijui (tributary of the Rio Uruguay river). Height of the dam is 21 m, the water basin area is 20.6 sq.km.

In total, the power equipment supplied by the branches of the
"Power Machines" with capacity over 1700 MW operates in Brazil. This equipment was supplied in the 1970s and installed at the hydroelectric power plants of Capivara and Sobradinho. The return to the Brazilian power market took place in 2002-2004 when the project of equipment supply for Porto Goes HPP was carried out.