"Power Machines" has manufactured and shipped the largest hydro turbine for Boguchansk HPP

"Power Machines" has finished and shipped the unique as to weight/dimensional characteristics of equipment for hydro turbine №1 for Boguchansk HPP.

Hydro turbines, manufactured at present by “Power Machines” for Boguchansk HPP, are the largest as to weight/dimensional characteristics hydro turbines manufactured in Russia in recent decades. The diameter of turbine runner is 7,86 meters, weight - 155,6 tons. The dimensions of hydro turbines intended for Boguchansk HPP are exceeding the vitals of hydroelectric units of legendary Sayan-Shushensk and Krasnoyarsk HPP.

The transportation of heavy cargo to electric power plant will be carried through the only possible method - by sea, and it will take 35-40 days. The extent of route will be about 6500 km. The vessel will pass through Ladoga and Onega Lakes, then through the White Sea-Baltic channel will put to the White Sea, and further along the Northern Sea Route, Yenisei to Krasnoyarsk. In Krasnoyarsk the equipment will be reloaded to the river vessel, which deliver load to the electric power plant construction site on Angara.

In accordance with project conditions “Power Machines” shall ensure design, manufacture and supply to Boguchansk HPP of nine hydro turbines and nine hydro generators with nominal output 333MW each. The equipment shall be supplied to the customer until 2012. Furthermore, “Power Machines” shall ensure the installation supervision and commissioning of the equipment supplied.

At present time the production and shipment of second hydro turbine and production of first hydro generator are in process.

Participation in construction of Boguchansk HPP is the second after Bureisk HPP major project of “Power Machines” at Russian hydroelectric power market within 20 recent years. 

Boguchansk HPP is the largest Russia’s power facilities constructing on the Angara River. At the same time the construction of the plant including a 2,5 km long concrete dam is one the largest projects in the world. Commissioning of the Boguchansk HPP will allow starting active economic development in Nizhnee Priangarye region and exploration of the richest natural recourses of the Evenk region.