"Loviisa" NPP will be modernized with "Power machines" participation

"Power Machines" and "Fortum Power and Heat Oy" (Finland) have executed the agreement on "Loviisa" NPP turbogenerators' modernization.

Under the terms and conditions of the agreement “Power Machines” shall modernize two stators of turbogenerators, directing towards performance buildup and generator reliability growth.

Terms of delivery – IV quarter 2009 and II quarter 2010. The value of agreement exceeds 2,5 million Euro.

“Power Machines” enterprises had participated previously in construction and modernization of Finnish NPP: in mid 1970 "Electrosila” (the branch of JSC “Power Machines”) has manufactured and supplied to the plant four turbogenerators with output of 220 MW, and in 1990th – the spare generator stator. Also in 1990th engineers of the enterprise have executed works on nominal output increase of all power generating units from 220 MW to 250 MW.

Within the period from 2004 to 2005 “Power Machines” had manufactured and supplied to the plant the new turbine generator stator with output of 250 MW and executed works on modernization of the old one.

“Power Machines” participation in “Loviisa” NPP – is not the only one project in Finland. Specialists of Petersburg power-machine constructing company are constructing at present the steam turbine and turbine generator with output of 200 MW for constructed Jyvaskyla TPP.

“Loviisa“ NPP, located on south of Finland, 90 km to the east of Helsinki, was constructed in mid 1970th with participation of Soviet Union.