"Electrosila" is reconstructing the Permskaya electric power plant

The JSC "Electrosila" has started modernisation of the 800 Mw turbo-generator in the Permskaya electric power plant. For the first time in Russia modernisation of the unit of such capacity will be carried out right at the power plant.

The contract for modernisation of the generator was signed in July 2001 between the JSC "Electrosila" and the JSC "Permskaya GRES" (regional SPP). The contractor is to replace the winding, repair the core of the generator starter. The work for reconstruction of the JSC "Permskaya SPP" will be completed in the 4th quarter of 2002.

On site modernisation of equipment, saving time and finances, is the most promising trend in development of services,

In spring 2002 Electrosila performed reconstruction works on site of the 160 Mw generator of the Kazanskaya SPP, and at present the company is carrying out repairs of the 220 Mw turbo-generator at the Kolskaya atomic power plant. It is planned to undertake a similar project at the Novovoronezhskaya APP, the Riazanskaya HPP, the “Navoi” SPP (Uzbekistan) and the Petropavlovskaia SPP-2 (Kazakhstan).

For your reference

The Permskaya SPP is one of the biggest electric power plant in Europe. The installed capacity of the Permskaya SPP is 2400 Mw. The plant that consists of 3 power-generating units (the capacity of each is 800 Mw) was constructed within 1986 – 1997.

The Permskaya SPP is situated to the North-West of the city Dobrianka of the Perm region on the left shore of the Kamskoye reservoir. It is the key supplier of electric power in the Ural region.