Power Machines won the competition of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade for subsidizing R&D in the framework of the production of high-power gas turbines

Power Machines won the competition of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation for the right to receive subsidies for research and development and technological works in the framework of the production of high-power gas turbines. The relevant protocol is published on the website of the authority.

Power Machines plans to revive gas turbine production soon by creating modern domestic power gas turbines of the GTE-65 and GTE-170 classes. The company started this work in spring of 2018.

The history of the design and manufacture of such machines in the company began in the late 1950s, when the Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod (LMZ) created the GT-12-3 with a capacity of 12 MW (1957) and a series of GTUs of the GT-25-700 type with a capacity of 25 MW (1959). Later, between 1970-1995, work was carried out on GT-100-750 with a capacity of 105 MW, which was further developed into GTE-150 with a capacity of 148 MW. Between 2008-2012, Power Machines designed and manufactured a modern prototype of GTU of F-class with a capacity of 65 MW. Thus, the company has a database of its own developments for the creation of Russian GTUs of medium and high capacity.

Currently, the company’s specialists are developing design documentation, implementing a large-scale complex of research, development and technological work. All interested parties of the country's scientific and industrial community have been involved in the project, domestic suppliers of critical components and blanks have been identified, and modernization of our own production and experimental research base is underway.

In accordance with the program for the development of new products, the first prototype models of gas turbines will have high reliability indicators with cycle parameters at the level of most installations operated in Russia.

In order to bring the efficiency parameters to the level of advanced foreign analogues while maintaining the high reliability of GTUs, the design bureau of gas turbine units of Power Machines conducts a R&D complex with phased upgrading of units. The scientific community of Russia has been involved in solving this problem: The Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Research and Production Association on Research and Design of Power Engineering Equipment, the Prometey Research Institute of Construction Materials, the Central Institute of Aviation Motors, the All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute, the Central Research Institute for Engineering Technology, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, and the Ural Federal University, etc. In this sense, the creation of modern gas turbine units is a truly national project.

The production of GTE-65 and GTE-170 gas turbines is deployed at LMZ. This is complementary to the technological operations that are historically performed by the plant. The production is re-equiped for debottlenecking. To test the full-sized units of the combustion chambers of power GTUs at full-scale parameters, the plant has its own experimental research base.

GTE-65 and GTE-170 gas turbines will be installed as gas-turbine superstructures in the combined cycle over existing and new steam-powered TPPs. They will be used as part of a CCGT both in a single-boiler single-turbine unit with a steam turbine and in a two-boiler single-turbine unit with a common steam turbine for two GTUs.

The successful development of gas turbine production technology by the Russian company will reduce the dependence of domestic energy production on the import of this equipment, ensure the energy and process security of the country.