Power Machines will shorten the delivery of quarry service equipment in seven regions of Russia

Power Machines signed agreements on strategic cooperation with BELAZ-24, which provides maintenance services for quarry equipment. Implementing the terms of the agreement will shorten the terms of the service repair due to the optimization of the logistics process.

The strategic partnership expands the geography of supplies and the formation in the warehouses. These stock renewable traction electric drive components for BELAZ trucks - produced by Power Machines.

The pilot region is Kuzbass, where about 250 BELAZ dump trucks are operated. It is expected that in this region the agreement will be implemented before the end of 2018. The next stage is optimizing the delivery process of the electric drive components to the Novosibirsk and Irkutsk regions, the Altai Territory and the Republic of Altai, the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and, lastly, Khakassia.

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Power Machines serially produce complete, asynchronous drives: for BELAZ dump trucks there is a lifting capacity of 90, 136, 220, 240 tons. At present, the operational tests of the drive for BELAZ trucks are carried out, with a lifting capacity of 360 tons. The company is developing dump trucks with 450 tons lifting capacity. 

The AC drives of Power Machines work not only on excavators and dump trucks, but since 2017 the complete drive is supplied for the BELAZ-78250 digger with a digger bucket of 11.5 cubic meters. 

All complete asynchronous drives for quarry equipment which are produced by Power Machines are made on a single element base. This allows significant improvement in the efficiency of quarry equipment maintenance.