Power Machines will participate in the final stage of the Bureyskaya HPP construction

Power Machines have signed a tripartite contract with a leasing company “IP-Lizing” and OJSC “Bureyskaya HPP” for supply and assembly of the power generation equipment for two power units of Bureyskaya HPP. The value of the contract is 59 million US$.

The contract provides design, manufacture, supply, assembly and erection of two hydro turbines and two hydrogenerators with capacity of 335 MW for the last power units – the 5th and the 6th being under construction. The first equipment supplies will start this autumn and the power units commissioning is planned for June and November 2007 accordingly.

The power generation equipment supplies for Bureyskaya HPP have been carrying out by Power Machines since 2001. Nowadays 4 power units with equipment of Leningradsky Metallichesky zavod and Electrosila are operated at the power plant. However the first two power units will be running on the lowered heads and with removable turbine runners till the final stage of the dam construction. In future Power Machines are planning to participate in replacement of the runners for regular ones, the project is planned for 2008-2009 after the final commissioning of all 6 plant units.

The Bureyskaya HPP construction is a unique project due to the fact that all main works on assembly and equipment tests are accomplished at the power plant. The most advanced technical decisions are applied for Bureyskaya HPP equipment design, in particular hydrogenerators are the most powerful generators with air cooling among those installed at power stations in Russia and the CIS countries.

Bureyskaya HPP commissioning will considerably improve the Far East power resources and will stimulate improvement of the social and ecological life conditions of the population.

Bureyskaya HPP is most largest hydro power engineering plant being erected in Russia for the recent 15 years. The total capacity of its 6 power units will be 2000 MW. Stage-by-stage commissioning of the manufactured units prior to the final stage of the whole power plant construction makes this project very special and will pay back the project by the end of the works.