Power Machines will participate in construction of Tadjikistan HPP

Power Machines have won a tender and signed a contract for supply of the main power generating equipment for Sangtudinskaya-1 HPP being under construction in Tadjikistan. The value of the contract is 80 million US$.

The main competitors of Power Machines - “Alstom” (France - Poland) in turbines supply and “Elsib” (Novosibirsk) in hydrogenerators supply participated in the tender announced by the Ministry of Energy of Tadjikistan this autumn.

The terms proposed by Power Machines turned out to be the most favorable in ‘price-quality” relationship.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the project Power Machines are to manufacture and supply hydrogenerators and Francis hydroturbines with the runner of 6 m in diameter and weight of 105 tons for the first three power units of Sangtudinskaya HPP with capacity of 167,5 MW each.

The production of the first equipment sets is planned for 2007 and the first power unit commissioning is planned for mid 2008.

The design works for Sangtudinskaya HPP were accomplished in the beginning of 1990-ties. However because of the USSR collapse and lack of financing construction of the plant was held up. 

The power plant construction became one of the hugest projects on the CIS territory. The project implementation will satisfy both internal Tadjikistan’s needs and assure electric power export to Pakistan, Afganistan and areas of Russia experiencing power shortages. Besides the power station will play an important role in water balance regulation of the region in general.

This is not the first project implemented by Power Machines in Tadjikistan recently. In 2004 the company supplied equipment for Gorno-Badakhshanskaya HPP (9 units with the capacity of 11,9 MW each), as well as for modernization of Khorog HPP and Pamirskaya HPP. In addition Power Machines plan to participate in construction of Sangtudinskaya-2 HPP and Ragunskaya HPP.

Sangtudinskaya HPP is located on Vakhsh river, at a distance of 200 kilometers to the south from Dushanbe. The power station will be the fifth step of the Vakhshanky cascade, providing energy for the central regions of Tadjikistan. Project power station capacity is 670 MW.

JSC “Sangtudinskaya-1 HPP” was established for the power station construction in February 2005, the Russian party is represented by JSC “Inter RAO EES” (subsidiary production unit of RAO “EEC Russia”) and the Tadjikistan party is represented by the Ministry of energy of Tadjikistan. The total construction value of HPP-1 is 600 million US$.