Power Machines will manufacture a unique gas turbine unit GTE-65

Power Machines presented a project of a unique gas turbine unit GTE-65 during the meeting of the extended science and technical committee of the Scientific and Development Association on Research and Design of Power Equipment.

The project was designed by the Design Bureau (specialized in gas turbine and combined-cycle plants) of Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod - the Power Machines Group’ branch.

GTE-65 gas turbine with the capacity of 65MW is used in the combined-cycle plants with a steam turbine of 30MW capacity, two gas turbines and two boilers with a turbine capacity of 60MW. GTE-65 can fulfill the heat-extraction needs and work in autonomous mode or combined in one block with a combined-cycle plant.

GTE-65 has good perspectives on the power market. The unit conforms to cost and technical requirements and possibilities of the Russian power stations and power systems.

Power Machines envisages to start the production of the GTE-65 by 2006.