Power Machines upgraded Chitinskaya TPP-1

At the Zabaykalsky Krai, Power Machines put the turbine unit No. 1 of the Chitinskaya TPP-1 into operation with the topping out ceremony after the completion of modernization.

Power Machines manufactured a new high-pressure cylinder for the modernization of PT-60-90/13 turbine with a capacity of 60 MW and modernized the units of the medium and low-pressure cylinder. Part of the equipment was updated at the place of operation, which significantly reduced the cost of the project.

During modernization, our experts transformed the thermalclamping turbine into a back-pressure turbine. As a result, the operation lifespan of the equipment was extended by 40 years, the reliability and maneuverability of the turbine unit were also increased, thus increasing the reliability of heat and electric energy supply to the Chitinskaya TPP-1.

“The customer received reliable and cost-effective equipment required with increased efficiency and a new operation lifespan,” says Alexey Kultyshev, Deputy General Director and Sales Director of PJSC, "Power machines". - We not only finalized the serial machine to meet the needs of the client, but also reduced the project costs due to the introduction of optimal engineering and technical solutions, as well as conducted part of the repair work at the place of operation.

Modernization project of the PT-60 type thermalclamping turbine is a well-developed technical solution that allows performing the subassembly equipment modernization with the increase of technical and economic parameters to the level of modern examples in a reasonable time and with minimal expenses. It also allows the performing of the complete replacement of equipment.