Power Machines Toshiba High-Voltage Transformers summarize results of first year of plant’s operation

Power Machines Toshiba High-Voltage Transformers Joint Venture celebrates the first year since the commissioning of the plant. So far, the enterprise has achieved serial production of power transformers and continues boosting production volumes. 

The transformer plant was built in record-breaking short terms – in just two years – with strict adherence to the time schedule. Total construction investment amounted to approximately 5.5 billion rubles. The technological level of production, outfitted with the most advanced high-tech equipment, fully meets, and in many cases, exceeds international standards.

In June 2014, the plant released its first products – two transformers with voltage rating of 110 kV and capacity of 63 MW each – intended for the substation of the new production facility of Power Machines in the Metallostroy industrial area. Currently, the transformers are being erected at the customer’s site. 

Manufacturing of equipment under the first order from the key customer, Federal Grid Company, competed. Two transformers with voltage rating of 220 kV and capacity of 63 MW, intended for the substation Gubernskaya in Tyumen, were successfully tested and shipped in full. Concurrently the company is working on next FGC UES order, manufacturing two transformers for the purposes of reconstruction of 220 kV Dalnaya switching station located on the border between Moscow and Vladimir Regions. Also, it is manufacturing equipment for Blagoveshchenskaya TPP, where the enterprise is involved in Power Machines OJSC comprehensive project to construct the second stage of the power plant, as well as for Lesnoy Ruchey substation in Leningrad Region and some other projects.

All design, production and test stages are supported and supervised by staff from Toshiba with strict observance of quality standards applied by the Japanese company.

As of today, more than 250 people work at the enterprise (the planned staffing level approximately totals 350 people). With production programme being boosted, number of employees will increase up to the planned level.

According to Andrey Pishchikov, Director General of Power Machines Toshiba High-Voltage Transformers LLC, "Over the past year, we worked out core design and production processes, so we are capable of ensuring a high level of quality and reliability of our equipment to our customers."

The project of the joint venture establishment has been developed in collaboration with the Federal Grid Company, and has been aimed at setting up a facility to produce power transformers in Russia involving advanced foreign technologies. In the course of negotiations, Toshiba Corporation was selected as a partner, being one of the global leaders by quality and reliability of the produced equipment and possessing long-term experience of scientific research and development in the sphere of power transformer engineering.

The partnership with Toshiba Corporation will enable Power Machines OJSC to extend its range of products and will help to increase the company’s competitiveness as a provider of complex and comprehensive solutions for the power industry in the world market.