Power Machines to modernize Abranjo hydraulic power plant in Brazil

Fezer, an affiliate of Power Machines located in Brazil, and NISHI Electromecanica (Brazil) have concluded a contract for modernization and repair of a 2 MW hydroturbine at the Abranjo Hydraulic Power Plant.

The contract conclusion was preceded by a tender in which Power Machine competed with Brazilian small turbine manufacturers.

Under the contract, the Power Machines affiliate will carry out modernization and repair of the turbine guide vanes, shaft and wheel. The Power Machines Fezer specialists will also perform installation of hydraulic equipment at the power plant.

The completion of equipment deliveries to the Abranjo HPP is scheduled for July 2017.

 "The project implementation will reduce turbine cavitation, increase the unit service life by 10 years, and reduce operation costs," said Artem Varnakov, Power Machines Fezer CEO. "The whole amount of work will be carried out at our Brazilian plant in one and a half months."

For reference:

The contract for modernization of one of three operative Abranjo HPP hydraulic power units has been concluded between NISHI Electromecanica and the power plant owner, Electra Power generating group (Brazil).  NISHI Electromecanica will repair the generator, Power Machines Fezer is to modernize the turbine as a subcontractor.

The Abranjo HPP operates three 2 MW hydraulic power units.