Power Machines to upgrade the equipment of Kalininskaya and Rostovskaya NPPs

Power Machines OJSC and Rosenergoatom Group OJSC have signed contracts to upgrade condenser tube systems of the third power unit of Kalininskaya NPP and the first power unit of Rostovskaya NPP.

In accordance with the contract terms Power Machines are to design, manufacture and supply condenser tube systems of modular design for a 1000 MW high-speed turbine plant produced by the Company and installed at Kalininskaya nuclear power plant and a low-speed turbine plant of the same capacity produced by Turboatom OJSC (Ukraine) at Rostovskaya nuclear power plant. Also the obligations of Power Machines include services on the installation supervision and commissioning of the equipment supplied.

Power Machines will make a stainless steel tube system for Kalininskaya NPP and a titanium alloy system for Rostovskaya NPP. The equipment deliveries to Kalininskaya NPP are to be completed in Q4 2014 and those to Rostovskaya NPP – in the end of Q2 2015.

The condenser tube systems upgrade is performed in accordance with a Rosenergoatom Group program aimed at the replacement of copper-containing components within the NPP power units.

The condenser tube system of modular design for Rostovskaya NPP is an own development of Power Machines. It is an efficient modular configuration of tube bunches with titanium tubes and double-layer steel and titanium tube plates which has no analogues in Russia. For the first time Power Machines implemented the same development but with stainless steel tubes when replacing condensers of million-watt turbines (those having a capacity of 1000 MW) at the fifth and sixth power units of Kozloduy NPP (Bulgaria) in 2003-2004. Subsequent operation of the power units proved high reliability of the condensers and reduced operational costs, and performed tests proved the improvement of actual characteristics of the upgraded condensers which made possible (according to the Bulgarian party) to increase the capacity of each turbo-unit up to 7.9 MW and obtain stable operation at loads of up to 1100 – 1160 MW.

In 2007 Power Machines completed a turnkey project for the upgrade of 1000 MW steam turbine condenser tube systems with titanium tubes at the second Rostovskaya NPP’s power unit, which was put into commercial operation in the end of 2010. In February 2013 the experts of the All-Russian Scientific Research and Design Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering (VNIIAM OJSC) tested the mentioned condenser and proved its hydraulic characteristics.

Besides, Power Machines used condensers with titanium tubes as a part of the equipment produced for a number of thermal and nuclear power units: Alholma and Topila TPPs in Finland, Wong Bi TPP in Vietnam, Tianwan NPP in China. Power units being built at Kudankulam NPP in India, Leningradskaya NPP-2, Novovoronezhskaya NPP-2 and Beloyarskaya NPP are completed with the upgraded condensers as well.