Power Machines to supply a series of turbo-installations for Omsk Carbon Group

Kaluga Turbine Works (KTZ OJSC), member of Power Machines Group, has concluded a contract to supply three turbo-installations for Omsk Carbon Black Plant LLC (Omsk Carbon Group LLC).

Under the contract terms KTZ OJSC is to design, manufacture and supply three turbo-installations (each comprising a turbine with a generator mounted to a common frame) of types TG6.0/6.3 P1.6/0.6 to the customer. The delivery is scheduled for Q3 2013. Installation supervision services are excluded from this contract.

KTZ OJSC has an experience of co-operation with Omsk Carbon Group LLC. In Q4 2011 a contract to supply the turbine drive and turbogenerator was concluded with this company. The equipment was designed for different branches of the customer’s company.

Turbo-installationsTG6.0/6.3 P1.6/0.6 are commercially produced by KTZ OJSC. The machines are used to provide steam with required parameters to the production facilities and to generate electric power. Omsk Carbon Group LLC purchases the equipment to expand its existing capacities.