Power Machines to service thermal power plants Panshan and Suizhong (China)

Power Machines and Chinese energy company Gohua signed a General Agreement on two largest Chinese thermal power plants Panshan and Suizhong servicing.
Panshan TPP (2 x 500 MW) is located at province Hebey and Suizhong TPP (2 x 800 MW) - at province Lyaonin. Main equipment for the plants was produced and installed by Power Machines’ enterprises in 1993-2000.

In accordance with the agreement Power Machines will service the main equipment. First of all it is planned to increase the reliability and efficiency of the existing power units and also to adjust regular delivery of spare parts.

This is the first agreement of such kind signed by Power Machines in China. It provides a long-term cooperation with the Customer on power equipment servicing.
Taking into account projects under execution and forthcoming projects of Power Machines in China, implementation of the agreement on the equipment servicing in China is to become a basis for development of this direction.

Power Machines is implementing other projects in China. The company is constructing Tianwan NPP (2 x 1000), commissioning is planned to be completed in autumn. Among other projects - Baishi HPP (3 x 140 MW), Power Machines won a tender for delivery of equipment for three power units.