Power Machines to repair a generator of the Cuban Rente-3 TPP

Power Machines and Energoimport (a representative of the Ministry of Energy and Mining Industry of the Republic of Cuba) have concluded a contract for the repair of a generator of the Cuban Rente-3 TPP.

Power Machines has concluded this contract thanks to a successful delivery of spare parts for the Rente-3 TPP generator under a current contract signed earlier in 2017.

Power Machines' scope of obligations includes a package of services aimed at performance restoration of the 100 MW generator. In particular, specialists from the Russian power engineering company will evaluate the technical condition of the generator stator, render generator rewinding supervision services, including performance of electrical tests, perform precommissioning work, and ensure synchronization of the restored generator with the power grid.

"Having assessed Power Machines' quality of work and efficiency shown when delivering spare parts, our customer decided to expand our cooperation," comments Yuri Sunyayev, Vice-General Director - Sales Director. "We are increasing the amount of Rente-3 TPP modernization work, resulting in capacity and performance restoration of the Rente-3 TPP power unit No. 3 generator equipment."

The completion of works under the current contracts is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2017.

For reference:

Rente-3 TPP, located in Santiago de Cuba, operates two 50 MW generators manufactured in the 1960s by the Electrosila plant (now a member of Power Machines). The total capacity of the power plant is 500 MW.