Power Machines to perform overhaul and delivery power equipment for Unit 5 of the Bulgarian NPP Kozloduy

Power Machines and Rusatom Service signed a second agreement for generator equipment modernization for the Kozloduy NPP as part of an agreement for cooperation in the Bulgarian, Armenian, and other markets, signed in 2012.

According to the agreement, Power Machines will perform the modernization of the rotor of a 1,000 MW turbogenerator and an excitation armature, the manufacture and delivery of a new turbogenerator stator, including spare parts for the stator and turbogenerator exciter for the Bulgarian NPP. The modernization will allow to extend the life of the unit generator equipment; and increase retrofitted turbogenerator power capacity to 1,100 MW.

The main equipment will be delivered within 500 days. The installation supervision and commissioning of systems should be completed by May 2017.

At the present time, Power Machines are performing the installation and commissioning of the retrofitted stator delivered to Kozloduy NPP Unit 6 according to a similar agreement last year.

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In 2012, Rusatom Service and Power Machines signed an agreement on business cooperation for ensuring functional capacity and operation engineering of Power Machines equipment for Bulgarian, Chinese, Indian NPPs and NPPs in other countries. According to this agreement, Rusatom Service will assist in promoting Power Machines services in the world servicing market, for NPPs designed by Russian companies.