Power Machines to modernize Konakovskaya Thermal Power Plant

Power Machines completed modernization of a power unit at one of the biggest thermal power plants in Russia’s central region – Konakovskaya GRES. It was equipped with a 328MW K-300-240-7P turbine.

The project customer is OJSC “The Fifth Generation Company of the Wholesale Power Market” (WGC-5) with OJSC “Konakovskaya GRES”.

Turbine and generator equipment of the branches of Power Machines – Leningradsky Metallichesky zavod and Electrosila, delivered already in 1960s and requiring replacement and modernization nowadays is installed at Konakovskaya GRES. The power station being an old partner and the biggest customer of the Power Machines enterprises has been carrying out a complex technical refit program since 1997. The first stage comprised mainly the upgrade of turbogenerators; currently the steam turbines are being totally modernized.

The power unit modernization project (station No.2) comprised replacement of the flow parts of high and medium pressure cylinders with new technical decisions and materials used in Russia on a similar capacity turbine for the first time, in particular reaction blading technologies that lead to the power unit capacity and reliability increase.

Equipment for the upgrade of another power unit (station No.1) is expected to be manufactured and delivered by Power Machines enterprises this summer. In 2007 Power Machines plans to take part in modernization of the steam turbines at two other power units of Konakovskaya GRES.

Konakovskaya GRES with a total installed capacity of 2400 MW, located in Konakovo city, Tver region, 130 km to the north-west from Moscow. Konakovskaya GRES is a federal power station being an integral part of the Russian power network. The first power unit commission at Konakovskaya GRES was in 1965. Nowadays the power station has 8 x 300 MW power units.