Power Machines to Manufacture Standby Power Equipment for Tianwan NPP, China

Power Machines will manufacture a 1,000 MW standby turbogenerator rotor for the turbine sets in service at Tianwan NPP.

A supply contract for the mentioned standby power equipment was signed with Rosenergoatom Concern. Under the contract, Power Machines will manufacture and supply a new ТВВ-1000-2У3 type turbogenerator rotor along with а mounting kit, tools and spares to Tianwan NPP.

Equipment supplies are scheduled to be completed in the last four months of 2011.

Tianwan NPP is the largest economic project implemented jointly by the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation. Back in late 1997, Russia's Atomstroyexport concluded a contract with Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation to supply equipment for two power units of the Chinese NPP. In 1999, Atomstroyexport, the general supplier, and Power Machines signed a contract to manufacture two turbines, 1,000 MW each, and two turbogenerators (with the same capacity) with two excitation systems for the NPP then under construction.

Both the high-speed turbines manufactured for Tianwan NPP at Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod, a branch of Power Machines, received a number of improvements: with a weight of 2,000 tons and a length of 51 meters, the new turbine is one third lighter than a low-speed turbine for nuclear power plants in the same capacity range. This made transportation of turbine components to the construction site much easier and simplified the installation process.

The turbine was designed with the use of titanium cooling tubes in condensers to completely eliminate corrosion when using high-chloride cooling sea water, as well as novel bearings, allowing nonflammable and nontoxic fluid to be used in the lubrication system to reduce fire hazards significantly. Also, steam turbine low pressure cylinders received unique 1,200 mm titanium blades in their last stages.

The two 1,000 MW turbogenerators manufactured for the Chinese plant at Electrosila, another branch of Power Machines, also boast some unique features. Their efficiency was improved as requested by the customer and the maximum capacity was increased up to 1,065 MW, with all other parameters of standard “mega” generators in place.