Power Machines to manufacture equipment for Nhon Trach TPP (Vietnam)

Power Machines OJSC signed a contract with BTG Company (Slovakia) to manufacture and supply main power equipment for Nhon Trach TPP (Socialist Republic of Vietnam).

In accordance with the contractual obligations Power Machines are to design, manufacture and supply six sets of equipment, each consisting of a K-110 steam turbine with capacity of 110 MW and a T3FP-110 turbogenerator with an excitation system. Also the scope of Power Machines contractual obligations comprises a service package including installation and commissioning supervision services. The start of equipment deliveries is scheduled for the second half of 2014.

The BTG Holding company (Slovakia) is the customer in this project.

The conclusion of the contract to produce equipment for Nhon Trach plant was preceded by a visit of Power Machines delegation to the SRV in June this year. During this visit the parties negotiated on the supply of power equipment for Vietnamese thermal power plants.

Power Machines have been operating at the Vietnamese market since the mid 1960s, when the construction of Thac Ba HPP with capacity of 108 MW started. This project lasted until 1967. Later such projects as Uong Bi TPP (1975 – 1977) and Pha Lai TPP (1983 – 1986), Chian HPP (1986), Hoa Binh HPP (1986 – 1992), Yali HPP (1997 – 2000) and Can Don HPP (2003) have been implemented. Among the last projects to manufacture main equipment for power plants in Vietnam, implemented by Power Machines – Thac Ba HPP, Pleykrong HPP and Uong Bi TPP. For more than 40 years Power Machines have manufactured equipment with a total capacity above 4 GW for Vietnamese power plants.